Stacey is phenomally talented. She works well with diverse groups and adapts quickly to meet the requirements of the moment, while maintaining group focus and productivity. This talent is supplemented with a great sense of humor.

Paul Benoit, City Manager, City of Astoria, Oregon


Stacey custom designed a leadership/teambuilding event for my management team. The team was diverse in experience but also very results driven. The primary objectives were to assist individuals, expand their thinking, identify their management style (how it adds value to the team) and take steps to achieve new levels of leadership.

Stacey did a wonderful job meeting with me to understand what my goals were and what I wanted to accomplish. She took that information, conducted 1:1 interviews with each manager and the end result was a session that was interactive, challenging, insightful, respectful and supportive, and helped us achieve the results we were hoping for.

Laura L. Vader, VP Regional Service Manager
Umpqua Bank, the World’s Greatest Bank


“I am a private business owner, elected County Commissioner and School Board Member. I have participated in professional and personal development sessions and can say this, Mountaintop Insight is unique, I’ve never before come away from a workshop with such a deep sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Not only does Stacey have a comprehensive understanding of the public sector environment, she has an incredible way of getting groups to “get at it,” and not even realize we’ve jumped beyond personalities and are now actively problem-solving and liking it! Be it annual goal setting for our Board or conflict resolution with another agency, Stacey helps us get it done in an environment that promotes respect for self and each other.”

Ann Samuelson


Stacey’s unique facilitation skills lead participants down an exceptional path of self-discovery where their “aha” moments result in clarity of purpose and tangible solutions way beyond their expectations.

Shawn Ramsey-Watson, Executive Director
Umpqua Valley Arts Association


I have had the pleasure of working with Stacey for nearly 20 years. She is one of the most insightful, energetic and dynamic people I know. These traits make her effective in any undertaking she might choose. Whether she is managing an organization or consulting with one she can quickly determine what needs to be done; who are the star performers; who are the obstacles and what strategies need to be implemented. Stacey’s work with community groups and key individuals to build consensus and develop tangible strategies through uniquely creative processes sets Mountaintop Insight apart.

John O’Sullivan
Senior Vice President
Manager of Public Finance
KNN Public Finance
A Division of Zions First National Bank