What We Do

We help you examine and understand your vital core functions – not just what you do and how you do it, but defining why you do it – knowing your purpose. We will guide you on an archeological expedition of sorts to uncover the true indicators of what you are actually accomplishing and what is preventing you from accomplishing more.

Mountaintop Insight is dedicated to helping clients achieve:

  • Authentic relationships within the organization and with members of different groups
  • Increased personal and organizational ability to be responsive and adaptive to change
  • Cultural competence integrated into all operations
  • Innovation and creativity in uncertain times
  • Skills for building a collaborative and inclusive culture
  • Examining and learning how to listen and build mindful communication practices
  • Recognizing that people work best when they are valued
  • Raising the level of personal and/or group empowerment by stripping away the ways in which we impose limits on ourselves and others
  • Identifying and erasing stereotypes and myths about groups
  • Less reliance on hierarchy and more on empowerment and self-sufficiency and accountability at all levels
  • Executives and managers who have knowledge, skills, abilities and attitude