Specifically we …

. . . Time travel and look to the future through visioning, goal-setting and strategic planning that engages and involves the participants to create a comprehensive and valuable plan that you can be passionate about because it is you planning your future and telling your story. It is not us putting words into your mouth and contriving to create just another document that will sit – unused – on a shelf.

. . . Tell stories language distinguishes us from all other creatures and through the art of organizational storytelling leaders, managers and entire communities can become more effective when they learn how to share their once upon a times so they can live happily ever after, especially in these difficult and activist times.

. . . Convene People for public engagement and participation processes where direct democracy and the activist citizen can connect and form productive initiatives and well founded intentions – where dialog, debate and discussion are used to move issues along.

. . . Awaken the individual’s trust in their intuition through creativity training that encourages unobstructed risk taking, organizational innovation and transformation within the workplace.

. . . Create opportunities for superior results through facilitation that is grounded in presence-centered positive inquiry; believing patience, humor and compassion are essential when working with stakeholders, partners and especially the citizen community to reach mutual agreement.

. . . Believe in authenticity, accountability and compassion when it comes to leadership development and executive management training.

. . . Agree with Mahatma Gandhi that you must be the change you hope to see in the world – we know there are better and best ways to implement the shifts you want to make through change leadership, planning a course of action that invites others to connect to the change.

. . . Know research tells us we all have certain characteristics in how we deal with conflict resolution – knowing ourselves better can help us avoid, resolve and yes, even utilize conflict to achieve the best resolution.

. . . Believe in healthy and productive interaction and the growth of intimate and authentic relationships, in other words community building among individuals, work groups and the diverse constituent population we connect with every day.

. . . Honor and value the courage of citizens who put themselves on the line and run for public office – and through governance and ethics training will insightfully and respectfully journey to the edge of the cliff on behalf of their constituents for the proper reasons.

. . . Understand human interaction skill needs as well as the nuts and bolts – project and grant management, policy analysis and development, human resources – succession planning, recruitment and personnel transitions – operations auditing, budget and financial and capital project development in other words . . . we like to think we can help you with all of your needs . . . because we have been in your shoes.