How We Do It

We take our experience and knowledge and add it to your know-how and wisdom and go from there. . . our processes are experiential and grounded in the learning philosophy that people learn by doing. This philosophy coupled with the practice of mindful reflection in decision-making and preparation allows us to work with you; in creative partnership to meet the individual, group and organizational needs and

We provide creative and innovative ways to work. Some of our tools include: intethumb_IMG_0772_1024r-active exercises, case studies, relaxation and centering, guided imagery and other creative and innovative techniques. Instructional resources used in workshops and training by our consultant teams are designed to build community and cultivate group cohesion.

Ideas on what session content may include:

Creating Values-driven Teams and Work Groups – forging synergy, collaborating (or not) through conflict; initiating a culture of accountability, inspiring others, creating a learning culture, rousing passions, intelligent optimism, embracing ambiguity, resiliency, freedom from stresses

Stewardship, Ethics and Integrity – building and maintaining credibility, designing purpose driven systems, developing and sustaining public trust, civic engagement, transparency in decision- making

Creating Vision and Strategy – dreaming-visioning- planning-implementing; trusting your intuition, awakening creativity, intentional planning, rewarding innovation; dream maker values, growing into consciousness

Change – challenging the status quo, leading change, recognizing the impacts and emotions of reinvention, revolutionize transformation processes, examining the value of failure

Civic Engagement – direct democracy and the activist citizen, initiatives vs. intentions; dialog, debate and discussion – when to do which, creating a culture of dialog

Relationships – sustaining connections, teambuilding, honoring differences, developing respect and trust, inspiring others, living deeply

Open space technology – address participant potpourri of interests and needs

Communicating Effectively – listening and presence, exploring communication styles and emotional intelligence, effecting compassionate communication, the art of feedback, myths-stories-legacies

Multicultural Wisdom – creating trust cultures, from me to we, tolerance to acceptance

Power – maturity, humor, self-esteem, courage, forgiveness, and wisdom

We believe in taking risks and incorporating surprise, and political nuance into our educational training sessions; specific training design for each of the sessions will be deliberative, focused and process-specific to the group and individual needs.